Cats make for excellent pets, mainly because they are self-sufficient. They are also cuddly, fluffy, and loving (albeit they are fussy about it).

Buying or adopting a cat is quick, easy, and usually affordable. However, some cats are purebred, making them more exotic than your ordinary house cat. They are also rare and, consequently, more expensive than your ordinary house cat. Prices range from less than $1,000 to as much as $125,000.

The exact price depends on factors such as the cat’s breed and how rare it is. Here is an overview of 12 of the most expensive cat breeds in the world:

1.   Ashera: $22,000 – $125,000

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The Ashera breed is the most expensive cat breed in the world. It is also one of the newest and rarest breeds.

The Ashera breed first came to the scene in 2006 courtesy of Lifestyle Pets, a California-based pet company. Unfortunately, the company breeds only 100 of these cats per year, making it incredibly rare (with a mile-long waiting list for enthusiastic customers).

This breed is a hybrid of the domestic house cat, the Asian Leopard, and the African Serval. It is larger and taller than most domestic cats. It also features pointed ears, tiger stripes, and leopard spots. It likes climbing and keeping warm, and it is advisable to get a heated blanket to keep it comfortable.

The Ashera cat weighs about 30lbs and can live for up to 25 years. It can also be trained and is friendly with children.

2.   Savannah: $10,000 – $25,000  

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The Savannah is one of the largest domestic cat breeds, as it has tall legs and weighs up to 30lbs. It is also curious, intelligent, and possesses a lot of energy, making it ideal for playing.

The Savannah is a hybrid of African Serval and ordinary domestic cats. This gives it a range of beautiful features, including a vibrant coat, huge ears, and long legs. It also features a mixture of stripes and dark spots. Consequently, it is classified as exotic in some states and countries.

This breed has some special preferences. It doesn’t use a litter box, but it can be trained to go outside. It also doesn’t like eating dry cat food, and some strictly eat raw meat. These cats are also loyal and loving (even protective), but they don’t like strangers.

3.   Bengal: $4,000 – $10,000

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The Bengal cat is the only domestic cat breed with the kind of rosette markings used to camouflage wild cats. It also features large round paws ideal for holding prey down. But, more notably, it is very energetic in hunting prey – and it doesn’t fear dogs (or anything else, for that matter).

This breed also likes playing, especially in the water. It weighs only 15lbs and is also friendly with kids. Notably, it exhibits impressive curiosity and intelligence.

Consequently, it makes an excellent pet and playing companion for kids. It is also advisable to get enough toys and playing sets to keep it occupied – or it will start hanging from the chandelier. A cat tree is especially advisable, as it loves climbing.

4.   Persian: $1,800 – $5,500

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The Persian is one of the oldest purebred cat breeds, dating back to the 1600s (or before). Consequently, it is one of the most expensive, and the prices range depending on how far back the cat’s lineage goes.

The Persian is valued for more than just its long and rich history, though. It has a fluffy coat (which comes in many colors) and a sweet temperament for starters. It is also very affectionate towards humans.

This breed also has a sweet voice, and it plays moderately but rests a lot. However, it spends most of its time on the ground.

However, the Persian breed has a range of maintenance requirements. For starters, its fur should be cleaned and combed regularly. It also requires regular face cleaning, as those big loving eyes tear regularly. It is also advisable to take your cat to the vet after every six weeks for regular checkups.

5.   Toyger: $5,000

The Toyger is named after a toy tiger. This is because it has features that make it look like a small tiger. In addition, this breed looks so graceful that it has been featured on the cover of Life Magazine severally.

The Toyger is a hybrid of the Bengal and short-haired domestic cat breeds. It features rosettes, circular head markings, tabby patterns, and, most importantly, stripes strikingly similar to a tiger’s.

The Toyger also has the mannerisms of a Tiger, including its gait and hunting instincts. It is also laid-back and friendly, and it makes an excellent pet companion.

The Toyger’s dense fur coat should be cleaned and brushed regularly to prevent matting. It is also essential to get regular checkups. Unfortunately, the breed is relatively new (25 years in existence), so its medical needs are not well known.

6.   Peterbald: $1,700 – $3,000

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The Peterbald looks hairless but has a coat that feels like velvet. This is because it has a hair loss gene inherited from the sphinx cat breed. However, the gene may lack some individual cats, and they can take on different coats of varying colors. To this end, they can look and feel like flock, brush, straight, and chamois.

This cat looks adorable, despite its hairless appearance. It has a slender body, bat-like ears, and big, triangular eyes that pull at the heartstrings. It also moves gracefully.

However, its best feature is playfulness. It is very curious and will even appear to talk back at times. It also co-exists well with other pets, including dogs.

This cat has special maintenance requirements. For starters, it should be shielded from the sun, owing to the exposed skin. It also needs regular washing and feeding, as it has a higher-than-average metabolism.

7.   Sphynx: $900 – $2,000

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The Sphynx is named after the famous huge statue of a lion in the Egyptian desert. This breed is just as majestic and is one of the most exotic cats in the market.

One of the most striking things about this cat is that it appears hairless. However, it does have a fine layer of hair that feels like a chamois cloth. It also has a beautiful pattern of lines running throughout its body. This pattern signifies how its hair pattern would have looked.

This cat breed requires a warm environment, considering that it is hairless. It also needs regular baths and good skincare to prevent skin infections.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can also cause a range of skin problems, so keep your sphynx indoors. This breed also likes spending most of its time snuggling, so you don’t have to worry about your cat getting out often.

8.   Russian Blue: $500 – $3,000

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The Russian Blue is one of the most gentle cat breeds on the list. This breed is also so adorable that it appears to smile like the Mona Lisa painting.

This cat breed has a gentle personality. It is easily scared by sudden sounds and movements, and it doesn’t trust strangers. However, it tends to form a deep bond with the owner. This breed is friendly, and your cat will meet you at the door when you come in and follow you around the house.

The bluish fur coat is one of the most striking things about this cat. Its fur is fluffy and feels soft and smooth to the touch. This is great, considering that it likes snuggling with its favorite person.

It is also worth noting that this cat doesn’t have the allergenic properties that affect people who are mildly allergic to cats. What’s more, it doesn’t have many maintenance requirements, except regular grooming and checkups.

9.   British Shorthair: $1,500 – $2,000

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The British Shorthair breed closely resembles the Russian Blue. This is primarily because many cats in this breed have a bluish appearance – however, their colors range broadly. This breed’s overall features also resemble those of the Russian Blue.

However, the British Shorthair is much more playful than the Russian Blue. In fact, it behaves like a kitten even when mature, playing around with people and other pets.

This cat has a gentle spirit and will co-exist peacefully with vulnerable pets such as birds and fierce pets such as dogs. Amazingly, it is one of the oldest cat breeds in Britain, with a history dating back to the Roman era.  

This cat breed doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, except regular grooming and checkups. It is also recommendable to get your cat some toys to keep it busy and entertainment to keep it amused when you are away. However, it can also run off easily, so keep a close watch on its movements.

10.  Scottish Fold: $800 – $1,500

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The Scottish Fold is an internet sensation. One cat, in particular, named Maru from Japan, has attracted more than 300 million views on YouTube. The breed is also popular with celebrities, including cat enthusiasts such as Ed Sheeran.

This cat has an adorable round face and short legs that seem to fold towards the face. Some cats also have folded ears owing to a genetic mutation.

One of the peculiar aspects about this cat is that it also has a tendency to sit on its back, much like people do. This (and its round face and short legs) makes it look adorable – and has inspired many memes on the internet.

This cat likes to lounge around, albeit it is very fond of people. As such, it is recommendable to walk your cat and try to get it to play, or else it will become fat. Your cat also needs regular grooming and checkups.  

11.  Maine Coon: $400 – $3,500  

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The Maine Coon has been dubbed the gentle giant of the cat world, as it can grow to up to three feet tall. However, it is not intimidating – if anything, it is friendly towards everything, including other pets (including dogs and vulnerable pets such as mice) and especially humans.

The Maine Coon loves following its owners around everywhere, including outside. It will also play, albeit it mostly stays calm and gentle. It is also protective of its owners – it essentially behaves like a dog.

The Maine Coon is a natural breed – and a true wonder of nature. It has a heavy coat of fur to keep it warm and large paws to help it walk through the snow.

However, it is advisable to regularly trim and comb its thick fur, or else it will become entangled. It also needs regular checkups and exercise, considering its body size.

12.  American Curl: $800 – $1,300

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The American Curl gets its name from its curly ears, which seem to curl back several days after birth. This is because its ears don’t have enough cartilage – which is also why it requires gentle handling.

This cat is moderately active, but it will mostly keep to itself. It also moves gracefully, thanks to its slender build and beautiful coat.

However, the best thing about this breed is that it can be trained to run chores such as fetching and opening doorknobs, getting it into mischief. Overall, it is lovable and makes for a great pet.

The American Curl requires gentle care. Its fur may grow to varying lengths, and it needs regular washing, trimming, and combing. It also needs regular checkups.

Final Thoughts

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Cats are adorable creatures that had captivated humans for years, way before they were worshipped as gods by the Egyptians. They are the ideal pets, considering that they are self-sufficient and comforting. Some breeds are common, while others are rare, and these are some of the rarest and most expensive cat breeds in the world.