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When you have a young, active, and playful cat that loves climbing and scratching your carpets, furniture, and sheets, it’s time you create for them their space in the home that they will use to play and sleep in.

 A Cat Tree Condo will come in handy in creating a haven and place of comfort for your little kitten and cats. The tree condos provide a play area and a sense of ownership so that you don’t have to fight for the sitting or sleeping space on your bed.

A cat tree condo will also help to mentally stimulate your cat while they climb up and down and scratch special zones keeping your furniture safe. Since not all cat tree condos are the same, some may have space for more than one cat, while others may work perfectly for one cat only.

This makes the process of choosing a suitable cat tree condo for your little kitty slightly strenuous. Read on to learn more about our 10 best cat tree condos that will provide instant comfort and regular activities for your cat.

10 Best Cat Tree Condo Reviewed

1.       Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower

The Amazon Basics Cat Tree Condo is the perfect choice cat tree condo that you can bring along with you to the office. The condo features an elevated design with a cozy hammock to encourage deep sleep.

Its design includes a natural jute fiber sewed on the scratching posts to help keep cat nails healthy. This cat tree condo is made using durable chipboard and plush carpet. It also features a hanging ball that encourages interactive play for cats. Besides, its layout also blends well with your interior décor, at home or in your office. 


  • Elevated cat hammock 
  • Dual scratching post pillars
  • Compact for small spaces
  • Perfect for one cat households


  • Only available in one color

2.       Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

The Amazon Basics Cat Tree Condo is ideal for pet parents with one cat. Its design offers an intuitive and interactive playing and hiding spot for your kitty. This condo can comfortably accommodate cats with a weight of up to 20 pounds.

The multi-level design has several scratching posts made of natural jute fiber to keep your cat’s nails healthy. Even better, it is made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and carpet.

The double round top platform offers a cozy space for your cat to sleep and relax. Additionally, the stable square-shaped base will work perfectly in corner spaces. 


  • Numerous entrances for optimal play
  • Can fit in the smallest of spaces
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Often sold out

3.       Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Condo 

Featuring a height of 61-inches, this cat tree condo is ideal for pet parents with little kitties. The condo features a cozy hammock at the bottom, perch, basket at the top, and a rope for your cat to hang on.

You will also find two balls for your cats to play with. The cat tree condo is made of sturdy and durable materials ensuring that this tall cat house stays in shape and does not shake when your cats climb on it. Its posts are designed from robust wood material, enabling it to stay stable and not wobble.

Furthermore, that cat tree condo is easy to assemble and comes with a user manual for convenience.


  • Easy to assemble
  • With basket at the top 
  • Ramp at the base


  • Not ideal for large cats
  • Challenging to climb condo

4.       TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree Condo 

The TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree Condo is ideal for senior cats enjoying maximum interactive cat play and suitable scratching zones. Its size and design are ideal for overweight, senior cats or cats with mobility challenges.

Made of long-haired plush material, the condo is soft, fluffy, and provides a suitable safe zone for your cat to sleep and relax. The cozy hammock is fitted with a metal rim that adds to its durability.

Besides, it also features a hanging pom pom toy for your cat to play with. It can also fit in the smallest space, and its design will blend well with your interior décor. 


  • Made for one cat use
  • Lightweight
  • Neutral color tones 


  • Hammock not removable

5.       Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo

If you are a pet parent to numerous cats and you want to keep them away from your prized furniture and soft furnishings, consider buying the Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo. This tree condo will help you rectify behavioral problems stemming from boredom and deter your cats from scratching your carpets and furniture.  

The cat tree condo has a unique design that will perfectly fit in and complement the tiny space in your living room. The design also features raised perches that attract cats for their hiding, dining, or sleeping areas.     

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is made of quality boards for optimal safety and comfort, and natural sisal rope provides safe scratch zone posts. It also has super soft faux fur to provide your cat with a warm and cozy resting area. 


  • Made from highly durable compressed wood 
  • Wrapped with high-quality faux fur
  • Multiple scratching posts 


  • Scratching posts could be thicker

6.       Vesper Cat Trees Condo 

Thanks to the Vesper Cat Trees Condo, you will no longer need to fight for sitting space with your cat. The condo has a tower-like design with cubes and comes with numerous scratching posts zones.

The cat tree condo is constructed from sturdy and durable material, so you will enjoy having it around for years. Furthermore, it is also easy to assemble. Its elegant design will complement your interior décor as it stimulates your cat’s liveliness and provides a cozy space to relax after a long playing time. 


  • Ideal for cats daily activity 
  • Has cat scratching posts 
  • Stylish yet spacey
  • High-quality MDF


  • May be pricey

7.       BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo 

This tree condo comes with three nicely cushioned large platform beds and sisal scratching posts.  

The BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo also features two spacious hideaway houses and plenty of lounging rooms. This provides sufficient sleeping space for your kitties.

Besides, the sisal scratching posts will deter your cats from scratching your furniture. The selling point of this cat tree condo is its interactive jingly balls to play with and its cozy hammock, as well as multiple layers suitable for climbing up and down. The tree condo also features a wall anchor strap that adds to its optimal safety and several play levels to keep your cat active. 


  • Roomy and enjoyable
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Quality plush covering
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Only available in one color

8.       Hey-bro Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

This is a multileveled cat tree condo, and it has everything that a cat needs to live comfortably. Hey-bro Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo has a suitable height of 5.3 inches and has two large luxurious condos to provide your cat with privacy and a cozy hammock for resting.

The plush space has hanging balls and sisal string for your cat to swing on while playing. Its anti-toppling fittings add more security and stability to it. Similarly, it features a beautiful design and several scratch zones where your cat can scratch and platforms where your cat can climb and have a panoramic view of its territory. 


  • Natural sisal rope
  • Stable structure
  • Cozy condo rooms


  • Challenging to assemble

9.       BestPet Cat Tree Tower Condo

For the best cat tree condo that will give your cat sufficient room for playing, consider going for the BestPet Cat Tree Tower Condo. The condo has numerous safe playing areas that your cat will enjoy.

It features five different jump areas, a cozy hammock, dangling balls, and a soft luxurious bed at the top for your cat to relax on. Although it’s a bit bulky, it will comfortably house your overweight or aged cats.

This cat tree condo has a sturdy solid construction, and it’s made from ultra-soft plush material that is ideal for most cats’ comfort.  


  • Stable and safe design
  • Comfortable
  • Reasonably priced


  • Bulky

10.   BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo 

The BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo is a roomy tree condo ideal for a household with two cats. The condo is made of sturdy and durable materials with three sturdy sisal scratching posts. It also includes a spaced-out cushioned cat bed that provides for a suitable and cozy sleep time.

The condo is also easy to assemble and has a solid construction, with a well-balanced design. Its design blends perfectly with any room. BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo is perfect for large kitties or adult cats. 


  • Comfortable, plush cat bed
  • Super strong construction 
  • Cushioned perch 
  • Sisal scratching posts


  • Only available in one color

A Buyers Guide: Things to Consider When Buying Best Cat Tree Condo

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A suitable cat tree condo will give your kitty the required comfort and lure them away from your favorite seat and give them the safe space they need to play and relax. This buyer’s guide will help you pick the best cat tree condos if you are shopping for one.

Cat’s Age and Ability

Cat tree condos are not just for the little kitty. They should also accommodate the aged cats and those with mobility challenges. The design you choose to go for should complement and accommodate all ages and abilities of your cats.

It will also be helpful if the cat tree condo has enough lazing space that it is easy to hop on to. More so, if you have a curious and playful cat, consider going for a more elaborate design that will give them enough space to play and rest.


Since these condos vary in size and design, you will need to consider the space available in your house.


It is essential to consider the materials that are used to make the cat trees. The most common materials used are whole tree limbs, medium density fibreboard, plywood, and cardboard. Another important aspect to consider as far as the material is concerned is the scratching zones.

 These can either be made of sisal, carpet, jute, or scratch-sisal weave mat. Also, consider your cat’s preference, surface type, and artistic design. This will help to complement your interior décor and finishes. 


Consider going for a tree condo with multiple levels that are detachable. This will provide a luxurious space for your cat to play and relax. When choosing the ideal height, also consider your cat’s agility level. 


If you have more than one cat at home, consider a tree condo with numerous levels to promote active play. A large cat tree condo with multiple levels will provide sufficient space for each cat. Also, note that different cats have unique climbing tactics. Therefore, a condo with different climbing levels will come in handy. 

The Optimal Choice

cat condo

When you want to get the best cat tree condo available in the market, consider going for any of our top ten recommendations. Whether you are buying it for your tiny kitty, senior cat, aged or sick cats, there will always be one that will fit your needs and preference. 

When you are choosing which product to buy, consider their age, size, and preferences. Our optimal choice for the best tree condo is the Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower. This cat tree condo is ideal for pet parents with one cat. Its design offers an intuitive and interactive playing and hiding spot for your kitty and can comfortably accommodate cats with a weight of up to 20 pounds. 

Our second pick is the Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Condo. It features a 61-inch height, a cozy hammock at the bottom, a perch, a basket at the top, and a rope for your cat to hang on. It is also made of sturdy and durable materials, and it can be mounted on the wall for maximum stability.

If you’re still undecided on any of the options listed above, don’t despair. Instead, ask yourself these few questions. 

  • What are the benefits of having a cat tree condo?
  • How do I attract my cat to use a cat tree condo?
  • How do I choose the right cat tree condo?
  • Do I have enough space in my house to keep the condo?

Once you’ve answered these questions, the answers you get will guide you well into choosing the best cat tree condo to make you and your cat happy.