Tickled Tails

Keeping Your Pets Happy

About Us

Tickled Tail is an online magazine that focuses on pets. We provide our readers with detailed and well-researched articles about dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, and birds – making it easier for you to take care of your pet.

Our Mission

For most of us, pets are our closest companions. They help us overcome loneliness, improve how we relate with the people around us, keep physically fit and reduce stress and anxiety. But this is only achieved if the pets are healthy, comfortable, and relaxed.

Here at Tickled Tails, our mission is…

  • To provide our readers with concise information about pets. We present you with a thorough guide on how to take care of these pets, from the best food for your pet, their hygiene and how to make them comfortable.
  • To guide you on the various ways you can bond with your pet. We do this by providing you with information on how to communicate and train your pet to be your desired companion. We are all about a healthy and happier relationship between our readers and their pets.
  • To provide detailed data about maintaining a healthy pet. We guide you on identifying when your pet is ailing, the first aid measures to adapt, the correct medication for your companions, and when to seek medical attention from a professional.
  • And it does not end there; our readers are also guided on identifying potential dangers to their pets and preventing them.

We will help you provide the best care, health, and treatment for your pets.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple – we aim to be the biggest and most resourceful pet dedicated platform in the world.

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