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Is it your dream to become the best goldfish keeper? It’s possible. Keeping goldfish can be a thrilling experience. But before venturing unto it, you must be well versed with proper knowledge.

Most goldfish keepers make some mistakes, either willingly or because they fail to follow the measures given. These seemingly innocent assumptions may lead to disastrous effects and, worse still, to the death of these aquatic friends.

Like any other pet, these pretty hardy fish require the best care to sustain good health, high productivity, and long, happy life. Keep reading for the seven mistakes to avoid making as a goldfish keeper.

1.    Not Cycling the Tank Before Putting the Goldfish

Introducing goldfish into the tank immediately after purchase can be a costly mistake. Think of cycling the tank first to culture a colony of beneficial bacterial.

You know goldfish produce ammonia as waste which can be dangerous to swim around. And because of this, you need these useful bacterial to break down the ammonia into less harmful chemicals for healthy fish.

2.    Overfeeding Them

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Goldfish do not need to feed that much as they don’t have a stomach. Food is always passing through their bodies very fast. You need to know that goldfish can thrive on small food portions without interfering with their growth.

When heavily fed, they tend to produce more waste which quickly contaminates the water. This reduces the water quality causing the death of some fish. Also, overfeeding can cause constipation which brings swimming problems. Ensure you feed your goldfish with the right food while checking on the amount.

3.    Not Changing the Water

If you are a goldfish keeper, never make the mistake of overlooking this issue. Not changing the water regularly leads to the accumulation of poisonous substances – ammonia being the primary culprit.

The water needs to be changed at least once a week to maintain optimum oxygen levels. But, if you have a small tank, changing the water daily can prevent toxins from building up for the well-being of your goldfish.

4.    Not Purchasing Quality Fish

Buying poor-quality goldfish can cost you a lot. You may do everything right for your fish, but they still end up living a short life.

How can you avoid this? Avoid ill, weak, and stunted fish. You can have a thorough check of the fish you want to take to your home from the pet store.

5.    Not Using an Appropriate Filter

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Goldfish produce a lot of waste which pollutes the water in the tank. Going for the right filter for your goldfish tank is advantageous.

You will be able to filter a colony of bacterial into the filter sponges of your tank. This keeps your water tank clean for the safety of your fish.

Always ensure the filter is large enough for your tank. Besides, filters are designed differently with different sizes. 

6.    Assuming the Needs of Goldfish

When stopping at a pet store to buy some cute goldfish, you should be ready for the new task. Many people don’t realize goldfish got specific needs that need to be adhered to. First, goldfish can’t survive in heated bowls or tanks as they are cool-water fish.

So, it is vital to provide your fish with the most suitable tank temperature to increase their life expectancy. Also, the substrate you choose for your goldfish matters a lot. Avoid gravel that can cause injury and even death to your fish.

Instead, consider fine sand large river rocks which can’t stick unto the fish’s mouth. But it’s not a must to have a substrate for your fish.

Another thing you ought to realize is some decors are sharp, and others with jagged edges. Such decors are not the best for fancies goldfish as they can tear the fins to open the way for infections.

7.    Not Treating the Tap Water

Tap water contains chemicals that can be harmful to the colony of the good bacterial inside your goldfish tank. This untreated water can kill the good bacterial that processes ammonia into nitrate for the healthy living of your fish.

You know how ammonia is dangerous to goldfish, so treat your tap water. There are various products you can consider for the treatment of water.

Don’t just go for any product but a celebrated one to remove dangerous chemicals before changing the water in your tank. Goldfish can thrive well in treated water.


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Making mistakes as a goldfish keeper should not put you down. You only need to acquire the proper knowledge in order to practice everything required. If you have been making some mistakes, it is time to step up and remedy the problems.

Maintaining a healthy aquarium is the best thing you can do for your goldfish. The health of your fish should be your happiness.